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Your friends on Facebook, did you know at least one of them is likely to have epilepsy, or be affected by it in some way? It’s a hidden disability, and one not often talked about. River Island have teamed up with Young Epilepsy and Epilepsy Society to challenge the stereotypes, and remove the stigma. So….…… Continue reading #ExplainEpilepsy

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How Nova came into the world, 11 weeks before she was meant to….

I’ve not often talked about Nova’s entry into the world. Many people know she was early, many more don’t know the reasons or even the finer details. Raising awareness is one of my biggest reasons for starting this blog, and if by sharing the story of Nova’s birth is what does that, then here goes!…… Continue reading How Nova came into the world, 11 weeks before she was meant to….

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I am in LOVE with Tubie Doodles!

Please note: Tubie Doodles did not ask me to write this post, I did it because I think they are great and deserve all the positive vibes they can get ❤ What are Tubie Doodles? Tubie Doodles are a company that design and create brightly coloured and fun medical tape (AKA Tubie Doodles) designed for…… Continue reading I am in LOVE with Tubie Doodles!

Family · Prematurity

Twinkle twinkle, my little star

Having a premature baby can be one of the most traumatic and stressful times of a parent’s life. Different people find different ways of coping with that happened to them, for me I wrote a poem. I don’t claim to be a literary master, but it helped me let my thoughts and feelings out. I’ve…… Continue reading Twinkle twinkle, my little star


Pre-Eclampsia – What is it?

Seeing as May is Pre-Eclampsia awareness month, it seems only fitting I try to raise some awareness about something that can happen to any pregnant woman. As some of you may know, the reason for Nova’s early arrival into the world was due to Pre-Eclampsia that had likely gone un-diagnosed for a few weeks. Because…… Continue reading Pre-Eclampsia – What is it?

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MatchStick Monkey – Product Review

Please note: I won this item in a competition and MatchStick Monkey did not ask me to write a review. What is a MatchStick Monkey? A MatchStick Monkey is an award winning teething toy, designed with little ones in mind. Every aspect of the monkey is designed knowing how little ones hand’s work. From the…… Continue reading MatchStick Monkey – Product Review