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I still don’t get why this is even a debate to some people…

I don’t even know why I still see this same argument time and time again on my Facebook timeline. People arguing and debating about a subject that shouldn’t even be a debate in the first place. Who should be entitled to use the wheelchair spaces on a bus. Now you would think the answer would…… Continue reading I still don’t get why this is even a debate to some people…

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Everyone needs a helping hand.

Everyone needs a helping hand. Everyone needs someone to talk to. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to talk to. The reality is, not everyone has this support at home. Some people are so isolated, and find it hard to cope with their birth, their child and their disability or any…… Continue reading Everyone needs a helping hand.

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Nova and stickers and bears… oh my!

Having a sick or disabled child can be really tough. It can be draining, both emotionally and physically. Since having Nova, I have found comfort in some of the charities and companies out there that make or do things specifically to brighten a child’s life. I’ve listed below some of my favourites, I have been…… Continue reading Nova and stickers and bears… oh my!

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Your friends on Facebook, did you know at least one of them is likely to have epilepsy, or be affected by it in some way? It’s a hidden disability, and one not often talked about. River Island have teamed up with Young Epilepsy and Epilepsy Society to challenge the stereotypes, and remove the stigma. So….…… Continue reading #ExplainEpilepsy

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Just being “normal”

Being normal. Fitting in. Blending into the crowd. It’s something we take for granted, we don’t even think about it. We just do it. Unfortunately that’s not something Nova, or many other children like her can do. She doesn’t fit in, she doesn’t just blend into a crowd. People struggle to see past the tube…… Continue reading Just being “normal”

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Let’s focus on what Nova can do for a change!

I spend a lot of time on here talking all about the things Nova struggles to do… or even can’t do. And thats great to raise awareness…. but this is also a blog to celebrate how far Nova has come…. so let’s do just that! Nova can…. Smile the biggest most cheesiest smile ever. Say…… Continue reading Let’s focus on what Nova can do for a change!