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Shaken Udder “YogOaty” – Product Review

Please note, I was not paid by Shaken Udder to write this review, I was however given the product to try for free for review purposes. What is YogOaty? YogOaty is a smooth yoghurt and oat snack, made by Shaken Udder. It comes in a pouch, which is brilliant for older kids and families on…… Continue reading Shaken Udder “YogOaty” – Product Review

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Nova and stickers and bears… oh my!

Having a sick or disabled child can be really tough. It can be draining, both emotionally and physically. Since having Nova, I have found comfort in some of the charities and companies out there that make or do things specifically to brighten a child’s life. I’ve listed below some of my favourites, I have been…… Continue reading Nova and stickers and bears… oh my!

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I am in LOVE with Tubie Doodles!

Please note: Tubie Doodles did not ask me to write this post, I did it because I think they are great and deserve all the positive vibes they can get ❤ What are Tubie Doodles? Tubie Doodles are a company that design and create brightly coloured and fun medical tape (AKA Tubie Doodles) designed for…… Continue reading I am in LOVE with Tubie Doodles!

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MatchStick Monkey – Product Review

Please note: I won this item in a competition and MatchStick Monkey did not ask me to write a review. What is a MatchStick Monkey? A MatchStick Monkey is an award winning teething toy, designed with little ones in mind. Every aspect of the monkey is designed knowing how little ones hand’s work. From the…… Continue reading MatchStick Monkey – Product Review