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Where do rainbows come from?

I was sent a copy of The Rainbow Gnome by Luis Weston to write an honest and impartial review. What is The Rainbow Gnome? The Rainbow Gnome is an illustrated children’s book written by Luis Weston, a single working father to two children, and a fellow blogger over at Single Daddy Daycare. The book follows…… Continue reading Where do rainbows come from?

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Nappy Chat Product Review

I was sent these nappies by mum & you for the purpose of a fair and honest review. I must have tried every nappy going out there at the moment. From pampers & huggies, to supermarket and chemist own brands. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I certainly know which brands to avoid. So…… Continue reading Nappy Chat Product Review


Reasons why I am a terrible mother

I have yet to find a mum who cannot list every single thing they have done wrong when it comes to parenting. Thing’s they wish they had done differently, or not at all. Mother’s guilt is a real thing, something each and every mum feels. Even when in reality, it isn’t your fault. There are…… Continue reading Reasons why I am a terrible mother

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How to prepare for a hospital stay with your child

No one ever wants their child to be in hospital, especially when it wasn’t planned. But if you do have a date for a procedure, it’s always best to be prepared! Nova’s been in and out of hospital since birth, and during each visit I have become more and more savvy about what should be…… Continue reading How to prepare for a hospital stay with your child

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Why we opted for a PEG

No one ever goes into parenthood expecting to make difficult decisions for your child. No parent should be faced with the prospect of putting their child through surgery, whether medically necessary or recommended. I take my hats off to the many parents I know who have already been faced with this decision. I know I…… Continue reading Why we opted for a PEG

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Toy recommendations with disability in mind!

We’ve all been there. Looked at despair through the catalogues of toys special needs sites have. Been appalled at the prices they make up, all because they are designed with children with special needs in mind. It’s disgusting how much that tag… “special needs” can bump prices up. But fear not, it is possible to…… Continue reading Toy recommendations with disability in mind!

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I still don’t get why this is even a debate to some people…

I don’t even know why I still see this same argument time and time again on my Facebook timeline. People arguing and debating about a subject that shouldn’t even be a debate in the first place. Who should be entitled to use the wheelchair spaces on a bus. Now you would think the answer would…… Continue reading I still don’t get why this is even a debate to some people…