Our favourite play groups <3

Play groups can be amazing! They are a great way for your child to socialise and interact with their peers, especially if they are an only child like Nova For premature babies, it can also be a great way to get their immune system used to the nasty bugs they will find at nursery!

Listed below, are some of the amazing play groups Nova has been to, and why we like them 🙂

Oakham Church – Tuesday 9:15 – 11am

This was actually one of the very first play groups Nova ever went to, and we only know about it because a very kind lady on the bus told us about it! Oakham Church playgroup runs every Tuesday during term time. Its for any pre-school aged child and caters from Newborn upwards. It’s a very friendly, and welcoming play group. Lots of the children there go week in week out, and they get to know each other really well.

The church also makes sure the parents feel welcome, and that they have coffee, biscuits and a place to natter too. The parents themselves who go are very friendly, and Ive even got to know a few of them

Both me and Nova love this play group, and I really like the people who run it. They have been very accommodating to Nova and make sure that whatever the other children do, she has the chance to aswell.

If you live in the area I’d definitely recommend going, you can always message Oakham Church directly via their Facebook page for more information.

Oldbury Library – Wednesday 9:30 – 10:30

Every Wednesday Oldbury Library run a story time for under 2 year olds. Children and parents turn up, listen to a story with finger puppets then they have a short play time after with toys. Its a relatively small play group, and most of the children who go are around 1-2 years old so it may not be suitable for babies. Nova really enjoys Oldbury Library, the children’s area is lovely and bright, and the books are very easy for little hands to reach.

Coneygre Centre – Monday & Friday 10-11:30

Please note: These sessions are for children who have additional needs.

Mondays session is aimed more towards children who have down syndrome, or similar needs. They tend to be small groups which is attended by physio and occupational therapists. All sessions start off in the centre’s amazing sensory room, which Nova absolutely loves. The session then moves onto a room full of toys and activities, and children are encourage to choose which activity it is they want to do.

Friday’s session is aimed more at children who are physically delayed or disabled. They have a range of physical activities for children to participate in.

Both sessions have social snack times, where children are again encouraged to make a choice of snack. There are also a rang of snacks available to suit different needs!

Do you know any other play groups in the area around Oldbury? Feel free to list them below 🙂

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