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Shaken Udder “YogOaty” – Product Review

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Please note, I was not paid by Shaken Udder to write this review, I was however given the product to try for free for review purposes.

What is YogOaty?

YogOaty is a smooth yoghurt and oat snack, made by Shaken Udder. It comes in a pouch, which is brilliant for older kids and families on the go. YogOaty does not need storing in a fridge, which makes it great for days out, holidays and school lunchboxes. It also comes in 3 delicious flavours to suit all tastebuds: strawberry & banana, Mango & peach and Apricot & vanilla.

What did I think?

I found YogOaty made a great breakfast for Nova. It was quick and easy, and very handy to grab when there’s a screaming child ready for her breakfast! I loved the taste of them (I won’t give Nova anything to eat unless I’ve tried and approved it first)! I also felt confident I was giving Nova something that was free from added sweeteners, sugars or flavourings.

I also loved the fact they don’t need to be stored in the fridge before opening. It makes it so much easier when visiting the hospital for appointments to have a snack that will stay fresh even in the warm environment of a hospital! This will also be great when we go on holiday. Nova will only eat pureed food, so we have to take food with us abroad. Knowing I can take some YogOaty in a suitcase without it spoiling means I know I will be able to give Nova a healthy breakfast even when abroad without having to stress!

The only negative I could find with YogOaty was the amount of calories it contained. As a mother of a child who struggles with weight gain I’d feel happier if it had more calories, but I am sure many parents whos child doesn’t have weight problems would disagree!

What did Nova think?

The good news is when YogOaty say smooth, they mean it! With the slightest hint of a lump Nova will gag and be sick. I am pleased to report Nova neither gagged nor puked when eating YogOaty.

Nova really enjoyed all 3 of the different flavours available, although her favourite was Apricot & Vanilla. She would gladly wolf down an entire pouch for breakfast, which is almost unheard of with Nova. One pouch also seemed to be the right size for her for breakfast, as it kept her content for a few hours until it was time for bottle.
Would I recommend it?

I’d definitely recommend YogOaty! It’s great for children like Nova who are still learning to eat and struggle with anything but pureed food. It’s a more “grown up” snack which doesn’t make a child stand out from their peers. It’s also good for children with older siblings who don’t want to feel left out when being given food.

For me, I found the lack of refrigeration required and the fact it came in a pouch the most useful aspect of the product. For anyone who’s schedule means you are out of the house a lot, id recommend keeping some YogOaty handy in the house…. I know I will be!

You can find out more about YogOaty on Shaken Udder’s website.


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