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Nova and stickers and bears… oh my!

Having a sick or disabled child can be really tough. It can be draining, both emotionally and physically. Since having Nova, I have found comfort in some of the charities and companies out there that make or do things specifically to brighten a child’s life.

I’ve listed below some of my favourites, I have been in contact with almost all of these in the past, and many of them have sent things to Nova just to brighten her life ❤


Tubie Friends

Tubie Friends are bears that have feeding tubes to match you child’s! Every bear is made to the child’s particular requests and needs, including type of tube, scars and even added extras like nasal prongs and trachs!

Tubie friends do not ask for anything for these bears, although a donation would be appreciated as alot of time, money, love and care goes into each one of these bears. The volunteers (AKA Surgeons) do not get paid for their time!

There is quite a long waiting these for these bears, as they are so in demand so be prepared to wait a few months. Nova’s is only just being made now and we requested one for her back in February 🙂

Be brave bears

Be brave bears are bears given to sick and disabled children in the UK. Each child is sponsored to have their own bear made with their name and words of encouragement on. Children can be nominated by friends and family, or even by a healthcare professional. Again, these bears are free but the time and effort put into making them isn’t. A donation is always appreciated ❤

Nova’s Be brave bear is an adorable little blue owl, and it was stuffed lovingly by a local company. It was made in a nice vibrant colour knowing her eyesight isn’t 100% perfect 🙂

Rare bears

Rare bears are an organisation that send out bears to children across the globe that have a “rare” diagnosis. Each bare is as unique and special as the child they are given to, and no two bears are the same. The bears are matched based on a child’s preference and interests.

Nova’s bear was all purple and covered in stars as Nova’s favourite colour is purple, and her name means “Star”. They’re lovely big bears too! 🙂

Tubie Doodles

I’ve already written a review about Tubie Doodles but it felt appropriate to mention them here again! Tubie doodles are a company that sell brightly coloured and fun medical tape for children with NG tubes & Nasal prongs. They come in a range of designs and sizes, and are made using hypo-allergenic tape. Nova had the opportunity to try some and loved it! Instead of children being scared of her and her tube, they were all asking their parents for their own stickers lol!

Little Warrior Cards

Little Warrior Cards is a cause very close to my heart. I have mentioned them very early on in my blog! They are a network of children and adults who send cards across the globe to sick and disabled children and their siblings. Nova has received loads of cards off them in the past, which make not only her smile but me too! To know so many people across the globe care enough about my daughter to brighten her life is amazing.

Little Warrior cards are in desperate need for people to sign up to send cards to children, so if you’re interested (Even if its one card) please do message the page for details!

Little Warrior Boxes

As you might have guessed, Little Warrior Boxes is run by the same people who run Little Warrior Cards. It’s run by a small team of volunteers and senders across the globe that send a box full of goodies to sick and disabled children to help brighten their day. Nova is on the waiting list to receive one, but I know her special friend Amelia received one and loved it.

This organisation is always looking for volunteers to send to children, even as a one off. Please do message the page if you think you could send to even one child ❤

PJs for Fighters

This organisation is also run by the same people who run Little Warrior Cards. They do so much for sick and disabled children, it’s quite humbling really. PJs for fighters does what it says in the title, they send out Pyjamas to sick and disabled children across the globe. It’s great for children who are in and out of hospital alot, or those who can’t wear tight fitting clothes because of Gtubes etc.

Nova’s pyjamas were a life saver when her reflux was really bad, she actually received 3 pairs which still fit her now!

Again, PJs for fighters are always looking for volunteers to send out PJs to children across the globe. Just click the link and message them for more details ❤

Bravery Buddies

Yet another page owned by Little Warrior Cards, run by a very small group of volunteers. This page sends out cuddly toys to sick and disabled children across the globe. Each one is sent with the child’s needs and preferences in mind. Nova’s bravery bear was a lovely little multicoloured bear, with long arms and legs 🙂 Great for a young child just learning to explore with their hands

Like with all the other pages, they are in desperate need for volunteers to help put a smile on a small child’s face ❤ Please message the page if you’re interested.

Share a star

Share a star are a charity that send out “stars” to sick and disabled children in the UK. Each star is different and tailored to each child’s interests. I requested a star for Nova, and it’s currently being made for her. Can’t wait for her to receive it 🙂

I was also told that share are great for children with developmental delays as they focus more on sensory items 🙂

Pyjama Fairies

Whilst I havn’t been in contact personally with Pyjamas Fairies personally, I know many children who have. I think they’re great which is why I included them!

Pyjama fairies make fun and colourful hospital gowns for children undergoing surgery. Each pair of “pyjamas” is made specifically for the child, and tailored to their interests and needs.

More Mascots Please CIC

Recommended by Lucy Taylor on Facebook 🙂

Based in the West Midlands, More Mascots Please CIC aim to brighten the lives of disabled, sick and disadvantaged children across the Black Country and Birmingham area’s. They send various mascots to visit children and events, with gifts too!

They are always looking for donations, and you can even hire the mascots for a party with proceeds from hiring going to help them put a smile on more children’s face ❤

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