Why our life is so much better, just one year down the line..

I don’t often talk to people about what goes wrong in my life. Im a “Grin and bear it” kind of person. Since starting this blog though I’ve felt able to coherently get my thoughts down. Its quite therapeutic really! What I’m sharing with you today is just how much someones life can change for the better, in just a year

In February 2016, we declared ourselves Homeless due to the poor living conditions of the flat we were in. Nova was on 24/7 oxygen and our flat was mold infested, overcrowded and just generally unfit for purpose.

We were rehoused by Birmingham City Council in a 2 bedroom high rise flat on a temporary basis. We were only shown around for a few minutes before we had to accept or reject the property. Had we have known there and then what we were letting ourselves into who knew how differently life could have been.

As it was, the flats we ended up in were quite possibly the flats from hell. We moved from one home that was detrimental to Nova’s health to another home. The flat we were put in was full of noise, 24/7. Which is just great when your daughter has seizures triggered specifically by being woken up.

If that wasn’t bad enough the flats also had internal air vents, which means whenever any of our neighbours smoked… it came directly into our flat. Sometimes it wasn’t only cigarettes they were smoking. Again, this is just perfect for a child who has Chronic Lung Disease.

I am willing to admit I quite possibly sank into some form of depression living in those flats, and if it weren’t for Darren and Nova’s existence I probably would have been a lot worse than I was. The strain living there put on our relationship was unimaginable. We very nearly broke up a few times, and only by sheer force of will and determination did we stick together.

We pleaded many times with Birmingham City Council to rehouse us, that the flats were quite frankly killing our daughter. That they were causing us emotional distress. But to no avail. We were stuck there, getting nowhere. Week in, week out bidding on properties that would never be ours.

A stroke of luck landed us where we are now. A 2 bedroom semi-detached property in Sandwell. A lovely house, in a lovely area, surrounded by lovely people. We’ve had no problems here, and we’ve been welcomed into the local community with open arms. We’ve made friends here, and I’ve connected with local mums going through similar struggles as myself.

We’re also a lot closer to Darren’s family, which was really good over Christmas when Nova was in hospital. You don’t realise just how much you need that support network until you have it.

And if all this wasn’t enough, we have regular physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietician, inclusion support and health visitor appointments. Something Birmingham City Council failed to set up.

We have security, and a future that looks promising. And I couldn’t be more grateful.



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